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Paul White - Procurement Specialist

“Welcome to my webpage. My purpose as an Auditel Procurement Specialist is to add value to your organisation and help contribute to its future success. I can achieve this by releasing money back into your business to help improve cash flow or reinvest it in areas that will benefit you most – be it to solve immediate challenges, improve efficiencies or support sales growth.

Helping you make effective and informed procurement decisions when you need it

Auditel is the UK’s largest cost and procurement management consultancy with over 3500 delighted clients nationwide and across all sectors.

As part of the Auditel family, I can help with all areas of cost management in all industries where I work with directors and owners to grow their businesses and improve efficiency.

Whilst I work across all sectors, my focus areas are manufacturing, education and charities. Some of the common challenges I come across are:

  • Improving cash flow & return on profit
  • Skills shortage and retaining staff
  • Impact of Brexit and Global competition
  • Effect coronavirus has on the worldwide supply chain
  • Investment for the future and managing capacity
  • Increase in operating costs
  • Staying on top of innovation
  • Changes in regulation and cybersecurity
  • Corporate and social responsibility
  • Achieving consistent SATs results year on year
  • Maintaining a good head count
  • Maximising limited budgets
  • Teachers pension scheme contributions
  • Pupil safety, including cybersecurity
  • Estate management cost increases
  • Rising transportation costs
  • Communicating effectively with parents
  • Changes in charity regulation
  • Income generation and meeting the demand for services
  • Potential negative impact of Brexit
  • Trust and transparency due to recent media allegations
  • Investing in IT, including database management
  • Competition for donations -embracing digital marketing
  • Decline in central government funding

We can help address these challenges by releasing money back into your business that will solve or fund potential solutions.

In a lot of cases, due to limited time and procurement resource, it is not practical within an organisation to cover all cost areas equally. With our Resource, Knowledge, Expertise, Unique Procurement Tools and Buying Power – we will ensure all your expenditure costs are covered.

To complement this, the Auditel procurement network has a vast wealth of knowledge and industry experience – we cover in-depth over 100 cost categories. We provide expertise when and where you need it – typical benefits include:

  • Reduce costs by between 10% and 50% – improve cash flow or reinvested back into your business
  • Ensure you’re getting value for money – peace of mind
  • Provide help with technical procurement issues – provide impartial advice on complex matters
  • Reduce overhead usage & wastage – improve your environment credentials
  • Everyone is having to do more with less time – free up resource
  • Can work on a results orientated basis – risk free
  • Present clear quality information – ensuring you make informed decisions, plus you’re in complete control of the process
  • We are not a supplier or broker – a self funding part of your procurement team
  • We work efficiently in the background – limited effort by you for maximum reward
  • Trusted advisor with over 3500 delighted clients across all sectors – reassurance that we can deliver

Please view some of our success stories that demonstrates how we can help.

Expertise on demand

We have expertise in many different areas of expenditure which we have broken down into these cost groups. Not only can we provide significant cost savings we can advise you on new innovative products, services, policies and processes which can add further value to your organisation.

About Paul

Paul is a Procurement Specialist with over 20 successful years of experience in management roles working for blue chip companies such as 3M, ITW ROCOL and Trelleborg as well as SMEs.

He has worked across a wide range of business sectors on global scale and has had responsibility for procurement in delivering major projects and strategic plans –always ensuring the best outcome and value for money.

Some of Auditel's Success Stories

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If you would like to organise an exploratory meeting, need more information or have a question – I would be delighted to help.