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Passionate about Reducing Costs

By 14th March 2011February 15th, 2022No Comments



Posted by: Chris Gordon

When I tell clients about my passion for reducing costs they often look at me as if I’ve lost the plot! Procurement, rebates, invoices, benchmarking – these are not the things of high passion…..surely? Why I feel so strongly about it is that any organisation rightly celebrates winning new business but for every £1 of cost reduced you need to win c.£8 of new business (based on average net profit levels for UK PLC). I’m not saying don’t sell, but there are quick wins out there with regards to cost saving, so make sure you are looking at those costs regularly and systematically. It is scandalous that people are losing jobs at the moment when a fairly quick look at non-strategic costs could help maintain your staff (possibly those very salespeople that help your top line grow!!!)