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Getting to grips with office stationery waste

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Paul Strachan
Paul Strachan

Stationery and paper are among the biggest sources of waste in an office. Pens are lost so more are ordered, post it notes are used for rough scribbles and thrown away and perfectly good boxes are discarded after a parcel has been received. However, just a few small changes can result in attitude shifts towards stationery and a significant amount of money saved.

Bite-sized changes for long-term results

  • Nominate an employee to be in charge of stationery and paper to ensure that supplies are not being misused.
  • Keep a track of popular items and more importantly, items which are no longer required in future orders.
  • Make a note of who takes what from the stationery supplies. If team members are aware that you are keeping a record, they are less likely to take pens and notebooks so freely.
  • Whilst recycling is encouraged, if an item can be reused instead then this saves on recycling costs.
  • Begin a ‘save the trees’ campaign in the office to raise awareness of the environmental impact of wasting paper.
  • Changing printer settings to double, rather than single sided prints halves your paper usage.
  • Utilise scrap paper for jotting down notes, rather than reaching for a more expensive post-it note. This is a great way of reusing paper.
  • Shredded paper makes good packaging material so aim to reuse it rather than paying someone to collect it.
  • Jiffy bags, envelopes and boxes can often be re-addressed and reused, make it a policy to save them where possible.

Pot of pens
These tips will not only save some money on the stationery order but will go some way to helping the environment too.

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