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OFCOM estimates the cost to consumers from wrong tariffs

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Laurence Fitch

I was staggered to read that OFCOM, the independent regulator of the communications industry, have estimated that UK consumers are wasting an incredible £4.8 billion every year by being on the wrong tariff. To put that figure into perspective, if we could wave a magic wand and all instantly be on the most appropriate tariff moving forward we could fully finance the London 2012 Olympics from the savings achieved in a little over 2 years.

Of course the truth is that it is not so simple as waving a magic wand to find the best tariff for you from the 1,000′s available. However, if you have access to the industry knowledge, tools, expertise and most importantly the time to research the rewards can be exceptional. Most companies do not have access to this internally and is one of the reasons more companies are now turning to outsourced consultants to help. By working with our clients Auditel have achieved some exceptional and sustainable cost reductions, a recent independent review we conducted for the RAF Museum achieved savings of over 70% for their private network.

If you are interested in reducing your communications spend and are open minded to the fact that there may be a better way of managing your costs then we would welcome a conversation.