Improving performance and reducing overheads

Nuno has been working in the Environmental and Waste & Resource Management Industries for the last decade, covering various activities within Project Management, Health and Safety, Procurement/Tendering and Contract Management.

Sustainability Management is within Nuno’s specialties. However, due to the present circumstances, he is currently focusing on cost management activities to help organisations reduce their overheads by strategizing and negotiating with new suppliers and vendors to acquire the most cost-effective deals, and by keeping track of obligations and deadlines for contracts with existing suppliers and clients.

The most notable benefits of Nuno’s support to businesses are:

  • Saving money, which can be re-invested in the business;
  • Saving directors and staff time, allowing them to focus on other matters;
  • Reducing operational costs before having to consider laying-off staff, which boosts workplace environments.

He specialises in long-term business relationships, where strategy procurement is paramount. His work centres upon:

  • Operating in partnership with business teams as a dedicated and supportive consultant, and not in competition with them;
  • Increasing the efficiency and productivity of clients’ supply chain using Auditel’s tendering tools,
  • Helping to make decisions via Auditel’s proprietary analysis, benchmarking and buying tools;
  • Potentially accessing 100 procurement specialists from Auditel – not only does this enable us to cover specialised sector areas, but it also means that our clients are never left on their own.

In the current situation, certain businesses are proving to be more resilient than others. Each business possesses their own distinctiveness and, with Auditel, we can provide a bespoke service, tailored to your business needs.

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