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Before joining Auditel, Nick spent 30 years in the Financial Services industry as a Consultant and in various leadership roles with a variety of firms including Mercer, Abbey National plc and Equiniti.

Nick has worked as a trusted advisor with a broad spectrum of companies, large and small, family owned and private, listed, charitable and also in the public sector. And throughout his career he has seen the impact of massive and almost continuous change. The change being driven by economic and political cycles, social and demographic shift, legal and technological development. Experience of how the best companies have navigated a successful course serves well in his work with Auditel’s customers.

Nick works closely with the his clients, developing a strategic procurement approach that is flexible enough to respond tactically when supply-chain opportunities arise, yet has alignment with longer range business goals. In this way clients continue to focus of there core business goals, knowing that non-core supply-costs are held in check, services standards are upheld and cash released when the occasion presents itself.

The knowledge that Auditel has an outstanding team of Professionals, with the depth and range of expertise, and specialists skills, enables Nick to offer a highly effective collaborative approach in delivering client solutions.

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