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03 Jan 2018

Is energy management optimised in your hotel?

Paul Strachan Using more energy than necessary can seriously eat into your property revenue. Even small changes to energy management can make a big impact on your bills. Becoming more energy efficient has three obvious benefits; it saves money, is Read on →

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20 Dec 2017

Surviving Brexit: Managing Supply Chain Risk

Monarch Airlines’ bankruptcy on 2 October 2017 was due in part to increased fuel costs caused by Brexit. Profit margins were squeezed by higher dollar denominated fuel costs, raised by the pound’s decline due to Brexit. Unite (the trade union Read on →

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14 Dec 2017

A Best Practice guide to Passwords

Tony Edwards Cost Area Lead for ICT Our guide to password security and best practice. Tip 1 – No more Post-it notes: With the number of services, subscriptions and applications that require passwords continually increasing, it is no wonder so Read on →

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04 Dec 2017

Is the Cloud right for you?

Tony Edwards Cost Area Lead for ICT Increasing system functionality and a ‘Cloud First’ strategy are growing trends, and many organisations are including them in plans and budgets for 2018. However, CEOs and CTOs are raising concerns about removal of Read on →

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23 Nov 2017

ESOS Phase 2 Briefing

Posted by: Nigel Collins I was recently asked by a client, whether they should start on energy audits now to comply with the next round of ESOS, Phase 2 of the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme. This sounds quite refreshing, bearing Read on →

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21 Nov 2017

Energy Update for 21st November

Last week we saw prices falling, which was a welcome relief after some fairly significant increases over the week or two before. The main driver for this was a drop in demand due to warmer weather and also a healthy Read on →

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