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08 Mar 2018

What is the right price to pay?

Jane Campbell As a procurement specialist I often have meetings with FDs who tell me that “you can’t save us any money, we are already getting the best price in the market”. When I hear this, it is music to Read on →

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22 Feb 2018

Where do I start with GDPR?

GDPR and the Five ‘W’s’ The best place to start is identifying the Five ‘W’s’ – ‘What, Why, Who, When and Where’ for personal data within your business. This will assist you to focus on all the potential personal data Read on →

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19 Feb 2018

Does your business have a procurement expert?

Paul Strachan Whatever size business you have, you should consider strategic procurement. The benefits are vast and apply to businesses large and small in almost every industry. What are the benefits of strategic procurement? The bottom line is that if Read on →

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09 Feb 2018

Helping you comply with the new GDPR

GDPR? – the General Data Protection Regulations – the new law that will come into effect from 25 May 2018 Who does GDPR apply to? Anyone controlling or processing any personal information, including employee or customer data. The GDPR applies Read on →

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