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06 Sep 2013

LED lighting

Steven Godfrey Lighting consumes 19% of the world’s electricity, but traditional incandescent bulbs convert only 5% of this into light.  Consequently, in 2007 the EU announced a phased ban on their import or manufacture – 100w bulbs were banned in Read on →

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30 Aug 2013

Business Energy – are you among the 24%?

Posted by: Paul Copsey Many businesses complain that there is little or nothing that can be done to offset the rising cost of energy which appears to be a constant year on year battle as the big six energy companies Read on →

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28 Aug 2013

Don’t throw away your profits….

Posted by: Ian Hopping A client recently asked me to take at look at his waste and recycling costs. Not the most glamorous of projects admittedly, but then Cost Management is rarely, if ever, glamorous. I’ve never yet been asked Read on →

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