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Auditel’s expertise can make a real and sustainable difference to your mobile phone expenditure

The growing complexity of mobile phone tariffs is such that without the help of dedicated analysis and management tools, things can quickly get out of hand.

Billing errors are easily overlooked, savings opportunities, especially on international calls, are missed and profits that could be reinvested in the business end up in the pockets of the telecoms companies.

“Auditel have achieved savings which we simply could not have achieved ourselves. They continue to monitor and maximise our savings. We regard Auditel as our guardian angel – perfect for delving deeply into mobile phone bills!

The exercise has been relatively painless for us. We have had one point of call for the resolution of the inevitable teething problems in the switchover of suppliers. All in all, a very good job and it has been enjoyable meeting and working with Auditel. Thank you.

Colin kershaw, Managing Partner, Brookes Bell

Auditel ensures that your mobiles have been billed correctly in the past and provides ongoing spend management in the future.

Forensic Bill Auditing

  • We carry out thorough checks for historical billing errors – rebates of £38.5k recouped for three clients recently
  • We can negotiate and restructure your existing contracts to achieve immediate savings
  • We review tariffs and options for opportunities to improve – often without changing supplier.

Comprehensive Spend Management

  • We offer completely independent advice
  • Our bespoke profiling identifies the most suitable supplier from a bewildering number of contract options and permutations
  • We manage your mobile spend pro-actively by continuously monitoring the fleet and market developments, making mid-contract adjustments to maximise savings and match your supplier needs
  • We provide support and recommendations on data compression technologies (potentially saving thousands) and mobile device management

Auditel is totally independent and provides forensic, retrospective auditing and comprehensive ongoing management

Arrange a meeting and find out how much better off you could be.

28 Jun 2018

Auditel showcase their 18th Supplier Exhibition

Business management specialists, Auditel, the pioneers of strategic cost management, hosted their annual Supplier Exhibition on 7th June at the Trent Vineyard Conference Centre, Nottingham. Whilst independence is central to the Auditel offering, experience has proven that establishing the right Read on →

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27 Jun 2018

Implementing AI and Robotics Cost-Effectively

AI and Robotics have been described as ‘the fourth industrial revolution’ by the World Economic Forum. Software robots have been introduced by many UK service sector businesses as diverse as retailers, housing associations and law firms, to take on repetitive Read on →

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14 Jun 2018

10 Steps to GDPR Compliance

Step 1 – Conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Why? Enables you to identify all the processes/activities that involve personal data and demonstrates to the ICO that you have carefully considered personal data within your business. How? Complete a PIA Read on →

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05 Jun 2018

Is Biomass an option for your business?

Paul Strachan Ask a biomass boiler installer and they will probably answer with a resounding “yes”. Their business is promoting renewable energy so they are bound to be enthusiastic about the possibilities this technology offers. But the capital costs can Read on →

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26 May 2018

UK businesses act to ensure GDPR compliance

The GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation – the new law that came into effect from 25 May 2018 The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaced the Data Protection Act 1998. It gave control of personal data back to Read on →

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24 May 2018

BS10012 vs GDPR

What’s the difference between BS10012 and GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are the requirements for data protection across the EU, laid down in law; therefore, every organisation that controls or processes personal data is legally obliged to comply Read on →

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08 May 2018

May 25th 2018 – GDPR becomes law

May 25th 2018 – This is the date the ICO has set for all organisations to align with GDPR. Are there any legal implications for my business? GDPR becomes law on May 25th 2018. Therefore compliance to the requirements becomes Read on →

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