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Yes. It’s absolutely true. Free cash is available now, so what are you waiting for?

Not everyone is fortunate to get money for nothing. But believe it or not, there are indeed some people in this world that get money for nothing. You could be one of them – getting free cash for  doing basically nothing, and it’s only a phone call away! Let’s be honest, the pandemic has changed the commercial landscape forever – the world of work as we knew it won’t ever be the same.

With the explosion in digital communications, companies have realised (and in many cases, have been forced) to find ways of operating with more flexibility and cost effectiveness. Although workers are slowly returning to the office, employers are facing many dilemmas. For example, one of the unintended consequences of the pandemic of working from home (WFH) has reduced the  need for hard copy communications by over 90%.

A major change to the work place has emerged following the pandemic, a hybrid working arrangement based on 3 days in the office and 2 days working from home will soon become the norm. Even on these basic figures (not taking into account the increased use of digital communications), it still represents a potential reduction of 40% on hard copy document usage. Think about it –  how many copies or prints has your company made in the last year? Offices which have been standing virtually empty, are stuffed full of unused copiers and printers and probably gathered dust.  Although they haven’t been used in over a year because of three lockdowns, companies are still obliged to pay the costs for each individual device as every month passes. The likelihood is that the  majority of them will never be used again, yet the standing costs can be astronomical.

In a recent survey undertaken by Auditel (one of the UK’s leading cost reduction companies), copier/printer  manufacturers and resellers estimate that over 70% of their current fleet installations will be excess to requirements – redundant! However, they still want you, the customer (and cash cow) to keep paying for them! Copier companies are desperate to hang on to the income from the  monthly rental that you are still paying for. Even though they can’t charge you for copies/prints that aren’t being used, they are seeking to do deals to try and persuade you to extend your current  contract.

So what about the free money?
The opportunity lies in being able to eliminate the expense of unused copiers and printers! How do you realise this opportunity? How do you exit from a complex, long term expensive copier contract without big penalties? How can you right size your fleet to match your post pandemic requirements? How can your company benefit now? It’s really simple. Contact Auditel. Our  independent document management consultants can advise how to extract your company from expensive copier contracts that are no longer necessary or fit for purpose.

Auditel can offer its expertise to save money and at the same time, renegotiate your contract on much better terms. Whether you’re a small company, a corporate, charity, school, university or local government, we can help and are waiting for your call.

To find out more about how Auditel can help you unlock hidden cash and put it back into your control contact us……. Click here