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Mobile Termination Rates – Why Wait?

By 21st February 2012No Comments

The UK Competition Commission continues to drive for lower mobile termination charges, with wholesale rates set to drop from a little over 4p per minute to less than 0.65p per minute by 2015.

Challenges to the ruling are expected and the main fixed line operators (e.g. BT & Virgin) are likely to drag their heels and stall passing on the full benefit to customers. As with many dominant suppliers facing increased competition, defending ‘cash cows’ is a priority.

But over the past two decades or so, a revolution has happened in the telecoms industry and today there is a massive choice on offer to customers. There really is no need to wait for 2015 to arrive in the hope of getting better deals from telecoms providers – they are available today. And what’s more, if you choose carefully, service and support can be very good indeed.

So whilst the powers that be battle to defend their interests, why not protect yours by switching to one of the many providers that really deserve your business?