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Mobile Data Bundles

By 28th June 2012February 15th, 2022No Comments



Posted by: Nigel Collins

When setting up a mobile phone contract, it’s easy to overlook the requirement for data bundles.

We have seen a number of clients move away from Blackberry to smart phone devices such as Galaxy, not realising that a different type of data bundle is required. It is important to understand that the correct data bundles need to be applied as otherwise, high data costs can result. A 5GB data bundle may suit a Galaxy user but we have seen some heavy users exceeding this limit in which case, a 10GB bundle may be required.

Only by drilling down into the call data can you accurately check whether unexpected costs are due to appropriate bundles not having been requested or incorrect billing. Roaming data will not be included in a UK data bundle. If you would like help in this regard, feel free to contact me.