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After graduating with a first class honours degree in Construction Management, Mike went on to work in various senior management roles in a large multi national construction company (Laing).

Mike’s project management and relationship skills help to ensure the team are focused, and resourced, to deliver on the savings initiatives and our clients needs.Mike has a keen eye for detail, whilst also having a good grasp on the bigger picture, and how our work fits in with the clients wider corporate initiatives, opportunities and staff.

Mike keeps abreast of the wide and varied industry changes in the sectors we work, he has a very personable and professional approach. He is passionate about communication and ensuring all stakeholders to a project are involved, bringing their experience and knowledge to bear, delivering the best outcome for our clients.


36 Stamford Street, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 1EY

Michael J Andrews Ltd.

Registered in England and Wales No. 06118892
Registered Office: 36 Stamford Street, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 1EY