Savings of up to 60%

Martin has been delivering procurement advise on waste and recycling for over a decade and has achieved savings of up to 60%, which has understandably delighted his clients.

With our increasing concern for the environment, there is more interest in waste, and particularly recycling, focused on compliance and the need to clean up our planet. Despite many countries closing their doors to our dirty exports, and the year on year reduction in landfill, Martin continues to find impressive savings for Auditel clients.

While ‘black bag waste’ from offices, shops and schools is the most common waste stream, Martin has shown there can often be even greater opportunity in more specialist areas such as:

  • By-products such as wood shavings, lint and print offcuts
  • Hazardous waste in drums, IBCs and tankers
  • Specialist paintshop services
  • Medical waste and washroom services

Process is often just as important as price negotiation, so finding the right supplier offering the right service levels goes alongside the application of technology, managing service schedules, and most important of all, ‘rightsising’ the service.

Having delivered projects over more than a decade, Martin sees more and more suppliers charging by weight, rather than by load, so that helping his clients to reduce total waste volumes and making more progress separating recycleables will be key to managing cost over the coming years.

Our Process
  • Data is the foundation for all our work, including dates, weights and prices
  • Most projects will require a site survey, talking to site management and operatives as well as looking in the waste containers
  • We research the suppliers best located, able and accredited to manage the waste
  • Our competitive tender process isn’t just about ‘like for like’ but carefully designed to deliver solutions which work, as well as being cost-effective
  • We help our clients select the supplier who is right for them, and draw up an effective implementation plan
  • By monitoring the new solution, we ensure that savings and service are actually being delivered
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