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Long Term Telecom Contracts, Don’t Do It!

By 27th June 2012February 15th, 2022No Comments



Posted by: Tim Halfhead

Back on one of my favourite hobby horses, the long term telecoms contract. I have just finished analysing a client’s telecom arrangements and discovered that he signed a new contract with one of the Uk’s more intransigent and expensive providers for 36 months last September for line rental, broadband, a call bundle and mobile phones.

Predictably, if the number of minutes on both landline and mobile are exceeded (and they are most of the time) the penalty is considerable while the broadband price looks terrific for the first 12 months but is then doubled for the next two years.

The telecoms market is one where prices have fallen and continue to do so, so signing up to anything for more than 12 months should be carefully considered; only a truly terrific deal should tempt you into a 2 or 3 year deal. There is at least one excellent provider out there, with a track record of excellence both technical and in customer care, who are confident enough to offer a 30 day deal. Find something better and cheaper and you just give notice and move 30 days later. No ifs or buts. Should be made compulsory! Can I help you?