Introduction to Auditel’s Top 7 Cost Considerations to maximise success during the lifting period of lockdown

It’s time to define your new normal. Expert advice from Auditel’s Procurement and Cost Management Specialists.
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The global economic crisis caused by COVID-19 is likely to have repercussions for businesses for a number of years. This pandemic has presented business owners with the most challenging times in their careers. They are trying to balance the needs of all key stakeholders in their business – employees, customers, partners and suppliers – in the knowledge that the social impact of their actions will be highlighted and scrutinised.

There are those companies who unfortunately will not survive the economic hardship that the pandemic has brought but there are also those that have taken action swiftly with a view to surviving the crucial first couple of months. Now they have survived they will look to thrive as the opportunities presented by business returning to normal become available. It is at this time that the age old adage CASH is KING becomes even more relevant. The dangers of over trading during this time are real and it is a fact that more companies go to the wall coming out of a recession than entering one.

As thoughts of business owners turn from survive to thrive and the period of lockdown is ended there will be a sprint phase where businesses seek to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise. It is exactly at this point that the use of outsourced procurement specialists comes into its own. During the survive phase businesses were doing whatever they could to get to the next day, week, or month still operating and trading. This often meant reducing head count, cutting all discretionary expenditure. The business can therefore be lacking in internal resources to take advantage of the opportunities arising and the danger of costs spiralling out of control are very real.

By employing Auditel to oversee your procurement during these exciting times business owners are able to devote the necessary time and attention to growing the top line, safe in the knowledge that costs are being closely monitored and managed.  

New ways of working, adopted during the lockdown period, may become the norm as new technology helps businesses undertake tasks in a more efficient manner. You will benefit from the expert knowledge and 25 years of experience gained by Auditel and its network of affiliates who are working with you to help your business succeed. 

At a time when CASH is King and cash management is high on every directors’s list of priorities, freeing up cash in a business that is currently being wasted can mean the difference between success and failure as the economy starts to prepare itself for the next phase of this crisis and the will to thrive becomes prevalent.

If you would like to ensure your business is in the best health possible to take advantage of future opportunities please contact me using the details on the right.

Paul Copsey

Paul has over 20 years’ experience in Sales and Customer Service Management, including time spent in the SME and domestic energy and telecoms markets. As well as focusing on customer service and client operational matters, Paul undertakes energy and telecommunications projects for new and existing clients.

David Kendall

Prior to joining Auditel, David qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and then progressed to hold several corporate level positions within the Saint-Gobain Group, one of the world’s largest distribution and manufacturing businesses.

David is an industry specialist and has a wealth of finance, risk management, and cost management experience.

David’s role focuses on leading the team and controlling the quality of our outputs, he also works closely with our professional services partners to promote Auditel and support their clients in achieving their cost management goals.

David adopts a hands on approach and he is actively involved in all complex projects reviews to ensure the best result for our client’s needs.

07889 706888

Polly Lawrence

As a professional and experienced buyer, Polly’s principal role is to lead the procurement and supplier management side of our business. Polly has extensive knowledge of the marketplace, suppliers, and services that are available for nearly all areas of indirect expense. Polly focuses on all elements of the procurement cycle over and above the pure cost savings.

Our processes are designed to understand the profile, needs, and objectives of our clients before investigating appropriate solutions. Suppliers are important to Polly and throughout her career she has amassed a portfolio of valuable and trusted industry contacts that help us to achieve some credible results for our clients. Polly can also work with your existing suppliers to identify means of increasing cost efficiency within your supply chain.

Polly is an ACE (Accredited Category Expert) in the areas of couriers, freight and packaging.

07889 701788

Stephen Heathcock

Stephen is Managing Director of Connect Consultancy Ltd. He is a graduate of the University of Portsmouth and has nearly two decades of industry experience as a practicing consultant. His focus is now on running the continually expanding business and providing vision and direction to the team.

Alongside developing the business, Stephen has also provided several functions to Auditel UK including; Energy Trainer, New Affiliate Mentor, Regional Principal and Franchise Advisory Council Member. Stephen was voted the consultant of the year by his colleagues in 2013.

Stephen’s focus is on building a strong sustainable business that provides an unrivalled customer experience.

Paul Millican

Paul Millican

01522 440500

I am proud to have established strategic alliances with a number of professional services and consultancy firms throughout the UK whose aims and objectives are the same as mine.

These strategic alliances allow them to offer the Auditel service to their clients as part of their own service range and I work closely with my strategic partners in marketing this service to their clients.

These initiatives have brought significant benefit to the alliance partners, including:

  • Supporting client retention and vastly reducing (and sometimes eradicating) the overall fee impact for the services that they offer to their customers
  • Being able to offer a strategic procurement service that has zero head-count or overhead costs as I do not charge any fees to our partners for underwriting the service
  • Acting as a specialist differentiator against competitor companies within their industries
  • Aiding and supporting marketing plans as I will work closely with my partners and have often accompanied my partners to help them win new business
  • I am proud of the partnerships and trusting relationships that I have with these respected businesses.

If your business would like to reap the benefits of partnering with Auditel then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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