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LED lighting top tips

By 19th January 2015No Comments

LED lighting can greatly reduce energy consumption. Here are some of our LED Lighting top tips:

  • Survey your lighting and calculate the annual cost of running your lighting for each area. This will identify priority areas for changing as well as those areas where no change is required.
  • Work out how to measure the energy consumption before and after the solution is implemented. Take weekly meter readings or use a sub meter on the lighting circuits if possible.
  • Try behavioural changes first and modify the cost calculation according to the new usage pattern. Its best to try behaviour change first since it will impact on the ROI for new lighting.
  • Select reputable suppliers for a shortlist. This will reduce the issues with the new lighting if it doesn’t last as long as promised.
  • Allow the shortlisted suppliers to carry out their own surveys and propose a new solution. A one for one replacement might not be required and lighting controls, correctly applied, will further reduce energy usage.
  • Choose an appropriate lighting colour. Your current lighting will be yellow and you can choose a new colour more appropriate to your working environment. Using daylight coloured lighting will provide a more attractive working environment in offices.
  • Select a new supplier and implement the solution. Measure the change in energy consumption and confirm the savings have been realised.

Auditel can offer to undertake surveys, assess the financial case and recommend suitable suppliers. Contact us if you are interested in seeing the benefits of investing in LED lighting, not only as a way of reducing electricity costs, but also in improving a working environment.