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The sooner larger companies complete ESOS, the sooner they may be able to benefit financially

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Adam Thomas

There have been many articles about the European Directive’s Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), that larger UK companies must comply with, and it is perhaps surprising that not more companies are already working on it.

The deadline for compliance is a little over seven months away at the beginning of December. This may seem like a long time, however with the potential amount of work involved and the limited number of qualified Lead Assessors available, leaving it too late to complete may mean it will end up costing more to be done in a rush.

For some companies, ESOS, may be a simple box ticking exercise that they wish to complete as quickly and cost effectively as possible. For others it may be, as it is designed to be, an opportunity to thoroughly analyse the energy consumption of their company and to identify and implement as many changes as possible to reduce both consumption and cost. For the majority it will probably be somewhere between the two, with some of the opportunities identified being easily implemented resulting in better efficiencies and cost savings.

The more effort a company is prepared to take now into becoming ESOS compliant and actually implement the opportunities identified, the far greater it will be able to benefit from it in the longer term, both in terms of efficiencies and financially. In addition with companies required to go through the process again in four years’ time, they are only putting off having to go through the exercise again and potentially missing out on an opportunity to benefit now.

Although ESOS is a requirement for larger companies it also highlights the potential benefits of auditing companies’ expenditure and implementing the identified opportunities, to make some significant financial savings.