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Don’t Spoil Your Holiday with a Large Mobile Bill

By 26th July 2013February 15th, 2022No Comments



Posted by: Nigel Collins

We all see in the press from time to time, horror stories of smartphone users returning from holiday only to receive a large mobile bill.

To some extent, the problem has been reduced within the EU as reported by the BBC  but as many of us holiday outside of the EU, this still leaves us exposed and for businesses, they may, depending on their employee policies, be challenged with trying to separate out business and personal use.

Voice and data costs are probably easier to control as you generally know when you are making or receiving calls and sending texts. The real threat to the size of your mobile bill is data costs. Smartphones have so many apps, which run in the background, and of course video streaming is an extreme example of where data usage can run out of control.

Here are a few simple suggestions on how to avoid data costs running out of control:

  • Disable roaming data on your device before leaving the UK and only use WiFi to connect to the internet whilst overseas
  • Be aware that some parts of the UK (such as the Channel Islands), are counted as roaming
  • If you have an alternative device such as a laptop or ipad with no mobile network connection, using this is an even safer way of avoiding roaming data costs
  • Businesses with a mobile fleet should have a mobile phone policy which should include employee guidance on using mobile devices abroad