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Waste & Recycling

Do you know the scope of your duty of care in relation to business waste?

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Paul Strachan
Paul Strachan

Waste is produced by all businesses and most of this waste will be classed as controlled waste. As a business owner, you have a legal duty of care to carry out good waste management by ensuring that you store, transport and dispose of this controlled waste without causing any harm to the environment. Waste includes anything that you plan to throw away or dispose of. Examples of waste types include packaging, recycling, effluent, rubble and electrical equipment.

Storing business waste

Businesses have a responsibility to store waste safely in labelled containers which have been well secured enough to ensure that the container can’t be blown open by the wind and creatures cannot get inside. The waste should also be segregated into special or hazardous waste, and different types of recyclables.

packaging waste

Transporting waste

Businesses are responsible for waste until it has been collected by an authorised person. This person or organisation may include a local council, recycling company, scrap merchant or skip hire company. The authorised person should be registered and in possession of a permit, or otherwise exempt from requiring registration.

Disposing of waste

Businesses are actually responsible for waste until the disposal chain is complete. Checks should be made to ensure that it is managed and handled properly throughout the whole waste disposal process. Waste transfer notes should be kept for at least two years to prove that proper, well managed waste disposal has taken place.

Knowing your responsibilities regarding business waste will ensure you stick within the law, and save headaches later down the line.

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