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Following a rigorous review process, Kelvin TOP-SET selected Auditel to help them reduce their carbon footprint, while also working towards their long-term strategic objective of reaching Net Zero. 

Brian McConnell, Senior Partner at Kelvin TOP-SET, comments, “Kelvin TOP-SET is an Employee-Owned Company that teaches leading companies how to investigate and learn from incidents, improving health, safety, business, quality and environmental performance as a result. As such, learning and improving are central to everything we do.

Excellence and integrity are at the heart of the company’s values, and they drive us to be proactive in reducing our global carbon footprint. By investing in the future, we align to these core components of the TOP-SET brand with integrity, which is key.

Historically, all TOP-SET training and investigations were delivered in person, globally. The foundations of the business were built upon delivering the best training and progressional experience possible. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and a critical focus on sustainability led us to create parallel online offerings in the form of tutor-led virtual courses and self-paced eLearning.

Further low-carbon emitting technical developments such as digital investigation tools, the TOP-SET App, and remote investigations demonstrate TOP-SET’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact whilst continuing to innovate.

There is a clear business justification to support a formal commitment to reducing our environmental impact, as well as a moral obligation to do so. We are proud to have already come so far on our journey to achieving Net Zero. Also, as an Employee-Owned business, keeping an eye on the future is imperative. We strive to be the best custodians of Kelvin TOP-SET and, in our small way, the planet, so that future generations will continue to benefit from both.

We are delighted to be working with Auditel, who have helped us gain the best possible start on the road to better carbon management and ultimately become carbon neutral. Auditel’s first Carbon Footprint Report will help us continue to be accountable and dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint. We look forward to sharing more as our journey progresses.”

Kelvin TOP-SET are grateful to North Ayrshire Council for their continued support.