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Auditel is actively looking to grow, if you are interested in joining us see below.

Become part of the Auditel Business Community

Auditel is a collective of talented individuals, partnerships and small businesses operating using the ‘Auditel’ brand (see ‘Auditel’s Structure’) and extensive business support framework.  A powerful, collaborative network of talents, Auditel deliver full-scope procurement solutions, strategic cost management and high-quality carbon solutions to clients.  Working together, Auditel are THE Cost, Procurement & Carbon Solutions Company.

With significant opportunity, Auditel are expanding their business community and welcome new members to join.  There are an abundance of benefits to becoming part of the Auditel business community, and also a choice of models to provide the right fit for your circumstances and objectives.


  • Gain access to 100 Auditel Community Partners over 1000 active clients, providing opportunity for you to deliver your own areas of expertise into existing clients.
  • Collaborate with a like-minded network of Auditel partners, playing to your strengths and harnessing the expertise of others.
  • With the strength and expertise of over 100 specialists within the Auditel Community, you can offer your clients an unrivalled breadth of full scope procurement, strategic cost management and carbon solutions to create a portfolio of clients that value your expertise and delivery.
  • Generate significant fees through wide ranging Auditel services, and across a portfolio of clients. The scope to earn within the Auditel Community is significantly greater than through the confines of an individual stand-alone consultancy.
  • If your aspiration is to grow a business, the Auditel Practice model provides the framework to continue to expand your business, employing multiple staff and building a bigger portfolio of clients in a business that works for you.

There are extensive additional benefits around ‘Flexibility’, ‘Control’, ‘Work/Life Balance’, ‘Personal Development’, ‘Ongoing Learning’, ‘Making a Difference’, Positive Environmental Impact’ and ‘Financial Performance’.

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