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Explore how you, or your business, can become part of the Auditel Business Community 

The Auditel Business Community is made up of around 100 Member Firms who collaborate to offer clients a complete range of cost management, procurement and carbon solutions services.
If you are looking for a new career opportunity for yourself, or with an existing consultancy or business would like to leverage the benefits of a powerful community of specialists, explore how you can become a Member Firm/Partner within the Auditel Business Community.  A franchise model licenced structure creates a ‘level playing field’ of benefits for all Partners, so people share knowledge and work together as everyone benefits through this warm and friendly culture.

Depending on your own current circumstances by becoming a Member Firm of Auditel you can:

  • Build a new consultancy business of your own with our training, ongoing support, marketing and client acquisition resources and powerful network.
  • Develop an Auditel Business alongside your existing complimentary activities as part of a business or career portfolio.
  • Access a 100-strong Partner network with over 1000 UK clients that could benefit from your existing expertise or perhaps products or services that you or your organisation may offer that compliments Auditel’s offering.
  • Bring to your existing clients a broader range of potentially self-funding cost management, procurement and carbon solutions services by engaging Auditel Partners under ‘Joint Venture’.

Auditel provide structured training and support, extensive marketing tools and materials and client acquisition resources. We partner with you to create and achieve the business benefits you seek. As part of the license structure there is an initial investment and ongoing affiliation fee, however the return on investment potential makes this extremely worthwhile.

Benefits enjoyed by Auditel Partners include:

  • Scope to exceed £200k per year earnings as an individual business operator
  • Opportunity to grow resource and scale business into an ‘Auditel Practice’ with multiple staff and significant business value for exit planning
  • Leave behind the corporate world, politics, wasted time and commuting
  • Have a better work/life balance where your business works for you
  • Have a business based from home, but scalable to suit your objectives
  • Make a real difference to UK businesses and enjoy pride and recognition for your results
  • Develop your business on a part-time or full-time basis as suits your circumstances

Cost Management, Procurement & Carbon Solutions
Whilst Auditel offer a breadth of overlapping services, as an individual, you would not (or could not) be an expert in all these areas yourself. The Auditel Member Firms collaborate together, and harness the expertise of others whilst playing to their own strengths. Therefore, you may wish to build your Auditel business around part of the overall offering such as:

  • Focusing on client development and management and using other Auditel Partners for the project delivery under a fee-sharing ‘joint venture’ basis.
  • Developing expertise in carbon solutions with our extensive training and ongoing knowledge development, to become a project specialists in carbon inventory and supporting clients in becoming carbon neutral on their long-term journey to Net Zero.
  • Using existing knowledge or developing new expertise in energy auditing, compliance or as an energy management specialist.
  • A cost ‘category’ specialist – if you have many years in a particular sector, leverage that expertise within Auditel. E.g. – Telecoms, Logistics, Packaging, Waste, IT, Facilities Management, Building & Construction Materials etc
  • Or act as a ‘Generalist’ as most Auditel Partners do to a certain degree, with a balance of client acquisition and management, project work and joint venturing with other Auditel Partners where specific expertise is needed.

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Enjoy success, financial performance, work/life balance and a business that makes you proud – find out more about joining the Auditel Business Community today. Complete the enquiry form below and you’ll be given access to further information via the Auditel Exploration Portal.

You can also schedule an informal introductory chat with Nick Tubb, Head of Partner Recruitment to find out more. Click Here

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