John Gerard

How confident are you that every supplier to your organisation is consistently delivering best value?

Time, for the majority of business decision makers is under increasing demand, so welcome to a professional, independent, outsourced cost management solution proven to keep you in control, yet free up your resources for the tasks you have to do.

John, as part of the Auditel network, will focus on ensuring all his clients are delighted with the service they receive. He takes pride in the relationships we nurture with our clients, working alongside your existing finance, operational and procurement teams to manage and reduce business costs, processes and admin.

If we can find an improvement, we’ll tell you. If we can’t, we’ll tell you that too!

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After 30 years of senior roles in business leadership, covering Business Development & Programme Management in the IT & Telcoms industry, John decided that he’d had enough of working for others and wanted to start a new chapter in his life – working for himself. He looked at various options but quickly narrowed it down to Auditel and in October last year, committed to becoming a member of the Auditel Network. After training in February & March, he launched his Auditel business.

He is focused on building his business and delivering the best possible value to his clients, helping them achieve cost-efficient procurement and working with them to make their Carbon Reduction journey as effective as possible.


Our Process

Our key focus is on making it as easy as possible for our clients to do business with us. From first engagement, through programme delivery, to on-going supplier management, we keep the process simple, allowing us to understand our client’s business objectives, align expectations and ensure the appropriate solutions are identified, agreed and implemented.

John has spent the last 30 years as a successful senior level business leader, leading business change and delivering IT & Telecoms Business Development & Delivery Programmes across the world for a wide range of companies; from large Enterprises, to new start-ups offering leading edge solutions to unique problems. During this time, he has lived and worked in Europe, The Middle East and Africa and has worked with clients ranging from National Telecom Carriers, through to 2-3 person micro-business, across a multitude of industries, including, financial & legal, telecoms, through to logistics and procurement. His experience in working with clients to understand their business objectives and align expectations, will ensure Auditel deliver what clients need, on time and to budget.

John GerardCost, Procurement & Carbon Solutions Specialist

Chris has spent the last 6 years contracting within the Financial Services sector, working on projects relating to Payment Protection Insurance claims, as well as irresponsible lending and utilities complaints. He is an experienced Team Leader, Quality Assurance Specialist and end-to-end Complaints Handler, who has also helped implement policy change, targeted at reducing FOS referrals and improving levels of customer satisfaction.

Prior to this, Chris spent 7 years working in the voluntary sector, as an Office Manager for a charity designed to meet the needs of community organisations and local people. He was responsible for the overall procurement strategy of the organisation, working closely with the treasurer to identify and implement cost saving opportunities.

Christopher BowyerCost, Procurement & Carbon Solutions Specialist

Delivering Carbon Solutions to REDUCE your EMISSIONS and COSTS

In the current challenging economic climate, organisations are battling with the desire to drive growth and profitability, whilst investing in low carbon emitting technologies to reduce their carbon footprint and speed up their journey to achieving Net Zero.


We help our clients on their journey towards Net Zero by simplifying the process. We begin with a couple of easy steps, which could lead you to be verified as Carbon Neutral within 12 months, to an internationally recognised standard.

Using our procurement expertise, we make sure any actions taken to improve your environmental credentials have a strong and potentially self-funding business case, because we truly believe that being Carbon Neutral doesn’t need to cost the Earth.


With the UK Government’s commitment to a low carbon world, the drive to carbon neutrality and achieving net zero is dominating organisations’ future decision making. However, many organisations believe the changes that they will have to make to achieve net zero will be time-consuming, costly and with all the conflicting information, a little daunting. This is far from the truth, as there are many incentives to help businesses become greener and leaner without costing the earth.

Using Auditel’s simple 4 step process (shown below), we can help your organisation demystify and provide clarity to this complex subject of achieving net zero. We deliver expert guidance and resources so you can achieve a BSI recognised specification for carbon neutrality as soon as possible, while you progress on the longer-term net zero journey.

Auditel’s 4 Step Process to BSI PAS 2060 Verification 

Measure, Reduce, Offset, Verify  

industries / clients / sectors

Auditel has expertise in many different areas of expenditure which we have broken down into these cost groups. This means that we can advise you on new innovative products, services, policies and processes that can eradicate profit leaks and deliver a significant competitive advantage.

We also deliver some categories overseas for multi-nationals with a UK-presence.

Banking & Finance
Credit Insurance

Foreign Exchange
Invoice Finance
Merchant Cards
Taxation & Allowances

Business Supplies & Services
Archive, Storage & Shredding

Health Care & Medical Supplies
Janitorial Services & Supplies
Office Furnishings
Office Supplies & Stationery
Workwear & PPE

Catering Consumables

Contract Catering
Kitchen Equipment
Vending Machines

Communications & Technology
Artificial Intelligence
Business Continuity
Data Networking Infrastructure
Equipment & Maintenance
Fixed Line Communications
Hardware Procurement
ICT Services
Managed Services
Mobile Devices
Software Procurement
Unified Communications

Data Protection
General Waste
Hazardous & Clinical Waste Management
Health & Safety
Human Resources

Logistics, Transport & Travel
Fleet Management
Forklift Trucks
Materials Handling Equipment
Vehicular Communications
Vehicle Leasing & Sourcing
Vehicle Tracking

Premises & Property
Business Rates
Contract Cleaning
Engineering & Electrical Consumables
Facilities Management
Fire Systems & Equipment
Grounds Maintenance
Maintenance & Repair
Pest Control
Property Management
Security Systems & Equipment

Print & Postage
Business Machines
Digital Marketing
Hybrid Mail
Mailing Solutions
Managed Print Solutions
Marketing Print
Operational Print & Postage

Utilities & Environmental
Energy Efficiency
Renewable Energy
Waste & Environmental Services
Waste Water & Sewerage

In the current climate, with heightened levels of uncertainty and budgets being stretched, Auditel are your trusted partner to ensure you are maximising every opportunity.

Regardless of which industry or sector you’re in, for example; manufacturing, charity, retail, financial services, or education – our independent analysis unlocks cash that once identified, will be redirected back into your control. It’s then up to you to choose how to utilise it, either by delivering addition dividends to shareholders, reinvesting it back into the company’s growth via new initiatives or innovative products and services.

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[button color=”see-through-3″ hover_text_color_override=”#fff” size=”medium” url=”/hospitality-entertainment/” text=”HOSPITALITY & ENTERTAINMENT” color_override=”#ffffff” hover_color_override=”#00c8ff”]
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[button color=”see-through-3″ hover_text_color_override=”#fff” size=”medium” url=”/manufacturing/” text=”MANUFACTURING” color_override=”#ffffff” hover_color_override=”#00c8ff”]
[button color=”see-through-3″ hover_text_color_override=”#fff” size=”medium” url=”/professional-services/” text=”PROFESSIONAL SERVICES” color_override=”#ffffff” hover_color_override=”#00c8ff”]
[button color=”see-through-3″ hover_text_color_override=”#fff” size=”medium” url=”/retail/” text=”RETAIL” color_override=”#ffffff” hover_color_override=”#00c8ff”]

Across the UK the Auditel network assists over 2,000 clients of all sectors. We don’t claim to specialise in certain industries as each client is unique and we find that the client relationship is key, more than their given sector.

From national charities and household names, to independent retailers and education providers our experience gathered over the last 21 years means we’ve encountered and resolved most supplier issues for our clients.

Each project for each client is unique, and no organisation should promise savings in resources or finance until a full review has been conducted, however as examples here are some savings achieved for our clients;

Chartered Accountants
Electricity: 25%
Telecoms: 36%
Stationery: 30%
Insurance: 14%
Waste: 9%

Kitchen Manufacturers
Electricity: 33%
Gas: 19%
Fixed Line: 32%
Mobile: 51%

Card Payments: 24%
Water Rates: 29%
Hygiene Services: 39%
Waste & Recycling: 55%
Postage & DX: 23%

Private School
Electricity: £65,000
Gas: £19,000
Water: £4,000
VAT Refund – Electricity: £32,000
VAT Refund – Gas: £3,000
Climate Change Levy Refund: £26,000

It is of course about more than savings, this Commercial Truck Dealer and Vehicle Rental client also cited the following benefits;

  • Liaison with contractors during expansion
  • Bespoke reporting on larger consuming meters
  • Enhanced management reporting
  • Independent ongoing cost-centre reviews
  • Assistance with meter issues and replacement
  • Support on ESOS compliance, Phase 1 and 2, and SECR compliance

“Auditel has worked with us for many years on energy procurement and management and has recently delivered projects on waste management, hygiene services and recruitment agency procurement. These projects have resulted in significant direct annual savings and enhanced our internal processes, so we are also benefiting from indirect cost savings on administration and staff time.”

Procurement and Contracts ManagerYMCA St Paul’s Group

“Auditel arrived at a very good time for us. We were growing really fast with new acquisitions but without the resource or expertise to improve our procurement processes. Gill and Gordon impressed from the outset with their knowledge and professionalism and I was confident that they would deliver.”

Paul LawesChief Financial Officer.

“To a relatively small charity, Auditel are a breath of fresh air. You always know where you are with them. They do what they say they are going to do and are completely honest.”

Shaun NeedhamChief Executive

“The motivation was simply to not spend any more than we need to on purchases. By engaging Auditel we have the peace of mind that we have engaged sector experts who know the best commercial deals and service levels available.”

Andrew Wood,Finance Director

Since 1994 the Auditel network across the UK has invested significant effort into nurturing and developing successful relationships with reputable suppliers. Our independence ensures we remain agile enough to engage with those new to a sector, should we believe it to be in our clients’ interests, and equally to no longer engage if that becomes appropriate.

We maintain a significant national supplier database, capable of serving the requirements of the most demanding of UK wide organisations. In addition we recognise the often cultural and environmental value of regional and local suppliers and work hard to cultivate effective relationships in all cost area sectors.

With our help, our clients are introduced to suppliers with competitively priced products and services, fair & reasonable terms, reliable billing provision and proven customer service. Equally the suppliers we engage with are introduced to client opportunities they would not usually be aware of or able to tender for, and with little expense from a sales and marketing perspective.

Many suppliers attend the annual Auditel UK Supplier Exhibition – a great way to further develop working relationships and demonstrate evolving products and services to the Auditel network.

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John Gerard

Cost, Procurement & Carbon Solutions Specialist

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