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Is outsourcing IT systems the answer for your business?

By 6th February 2018April 27th, 2022No Comments


Paul Strachan
Paul Strachan

Technology is advancing at a fast pace, which is time consuming and expensive, particularly for SMEs, to keep up with. With smaller budgets and limited expertise in the workforce this can be critical to business. Most SMEs can’t afford to keep investing in the latest technology, therefore IT systems outsourcing is a decision that makes a lot of sense.

How can an SME facilitate IT systems outsourcing?

Outsourcing means relinquishing an element of control but if you can come to terms with this, it will allow you to keep up with the technical capabilities of other companies without breaking the bank. There are different levels of outsourcing available.

  • Co – location. In this scenario all the IT equipment is housed in a shared database facility, but ownership and responsibility remains with the SME. The facility provider looks after the maintenance of the hardware.
  • Hosted. A hosted system provides the shared facility and the equipment. There is a move towards everything being held on the cloud so the rental equipment may not be physical at all, but virtual. The SME is basically renting IT equipment and the operating system from the host, and the host supports the whole system.
  • Software as a service (SaaS). This enables SMEs to use a software function as a platform without actually owning anything. All maintenance responsibility remains with the provider including updates and patches.

The best solution for your IT systems outsourcing is likely to be somewhere in the middle, a hybrid version of those outlined above. Choose the elements that make the most sense for your company.

If you’re ready to take the next step in exploring the potential for your business? Then contact me and we can talk.

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