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Is the Cloud right for you?

By 4th December 2017April 4th, 2019No Comments

Tony Edwards
Tony Edwards

Cost Area Lead for ICT

Increasing system functionality and a ‘Cloud First’ strategy are growing trends, and many organisations are including them in plans and budgets for 2018. However, CEOs and CTOs are raising concerns about removal of on-premise servers and potential loss of control, and/or access to services.

Ten reasons why going to the Cloud could be right for your business.

It’s Cost Effective

Physical on-premise solutions need a high initial capital investment. They also create recurring costs that cover the management, maintenance and futureproofing of the technology, which can make them hugely expensive.

Cloud-based solutions offer monthly costs, without the need to purchase on-premise equipment, making the expenditure operational as opposed to capital.

Easy to manage

Due to the complexity of today’s converging communications systems, it often takes an entire IT department to manage solutions effectively.

By migrating to the Cloud, all that work and associated resource can be outsourced to the manufacturer, who will provide 24/7/365 management, thus freeing up your IT department to focus on other projects

Continuously improving technology

On average, the cycle for refreshing technology solutions is three years, and continues to reduce. These ongoing upgrades can be an obstacle for companies, as they become a further capital investment.

Cloud service providers update their technology on an ongoing basis to ensure that customers always have access to the latest releases of their platforms.

Zero scalability problems

With an on-premise solution, you have to make ongoing sizeable capital investments into new hardware as you grow. This also means that, should you downsize, you will be left with hardware that is no longer needed.

By using Cloud-based solutions, new offices and users can be set up through a self-administered client portal, or by contacting your providers’ customer services. This makes any scaling quick and simple, regardless of whether it is a scale-up or a scale-down

Improved supplier management

Physical solutions often require the management of multiple suppliers for implementation and support, handling separate billing relationships, and increasing demand for technical expertise across multiple platforms; as well as the ongoing maintenance, support and upgrade requirements.

By going to the Cloud, you can potentially have a single platform for all your communication requirements – voice, data and applications.

Quality of service

On-premise hardware is only reliable if it is being actively managed. To guarantee uptime, your equipment needs constant attention by an internal department.

Cloud-based solutions are designed to maximise uptime and coverage.

Built in redundancy

Geographic redundancy for hardware and software is a challenge to deliver with on-premise solutions.

Cloud-based solutions can provide redundancy that would be very expensive to deliver with on-premise solutions. This is because resources, and therefore costs, are shared by multiple customers.

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

On-premise solutions often offer little to no capability for disaster recovery. This is because the cost of supplying the necessary design and hardware is generally not affordable to implement or support.

Cloud-based solutions generally provide business continuity for customers as a standard.


On-premise solutions will typically need supplier intervention to make additions, moves or changes to a system. This can be costly and may be charged on a time and materials basis. It may also be slow to implement, if it is dependent on the availability of a technician to carry out the work.

Cloud-based solutions include an online administration portal with an easy-to-use interface, enabling the end user to perform their own additions, moves and changes at will. Individual users may also receive access to the portal that is specific to their access rights, depending on the product/service.

 Work anywhere through Mobility

On-premise solutions require costly upgrades and additional licences to add the latest mobility features to keep solutions current.

Cloud-based solutions have feature-rich mobile integration, and are reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis to support the latest devices coming to market.

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