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In today’s climate-conscious society, businesses are becoming increasingly attuned to the environmental impact of their operations. At the forefront of this critical movement towards sustainability is the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). As a leading carbon footprint consultancy, Auditel is proud to announce that we are now a member of this esteemed organisation.

So, who exactly are IEMA, and what does our membership signify? This article seeks to explore these questions, shedding light on the vital role IEMA plays and outlining the benefits of membership.

IEMA: Who are They?

IEMA is a global alliance of environment and sustainability professionals, striving to make our planet more sustainable. Based in the UK, IEMA works to promote best practice in environmental management, assessment and sustainable development. Since its establishment in 1999, IEMA has grown to include over 15,000 individual members and organisations across 100+ countries.

With their focus on training, sharing knowledge, and influencing policy, IEMA leads the way in establishing environmental and sustainability standards. Their commitment is to ensure that businesses operate in a manner that not only achieves economic success but also respects and fosters environmental health.

What Does IEMA Do?

IEMA provides businesses with the tools and knowledge necessary to mitigate their environmental impact. This is achieved through a range of services that include training and education, policy development, research, and public awareness initiatives.

By offering a wide range of certifications and qualifications, IEMA equips professionals with the skills to manage, assess and implement effective environmental strategies within their organisations. These qualifications also promote career development, allowing individuals to demonstrate their competence in sustainability and environmental management.

Simultaneously, IEMA takes an active role in shaping public policy. They work with governments, international agencies, and other stakeholders to influence policy decisions that promote sustainable business practices.

Auditel’s IEMA Membership: What Does It Mean?

By joining IEMA, Auditel cements its dedication to promoting sustainability within the business sector. Our membership aligns us with the highest professional standards in environmental management and assessment, and it allows us to continuously improve our services and stay abreast of the latest developments in the field.

The Benefits of IEMA Membership

Being a member of IEMA comes with numerous benefits. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Access to Expertise: Membership grants us access to an extensive network of environmental and sustainability professionals. This provides a platform for the exchange of ideas, and for seeking advice and insights on specific issues.
  2. Professional Development: IEMA offers a wealth of learning resources and opportunities for continuous professional development. This ensures that we remain at the cutting edge of environmental management and sustainability practices.
  3. Influence: As part of IEMA, we can contribute to the shaping of policy and standards. This allows us to have a tangible impact on the direction of environmental legislation and practices.
  4. Recognition: IEMA membership is a mark of credibility and commitment to sustainability. It sends a clear message to our clients and stakeholders about our dedication to responsible environmental practices.

At Auditel, we are excited to begin our journey as a member of IEMA. We believe that our commitment to sustainable practices, underpinned by IEMA’s principles and guidance, will enable us to serve our clients better. By joining forces with like-minded professionals, we can continue to pioneer a future where economic growth and environmental sustainability coexist harmoniously.