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How to make more profit by doing less!

By 25th July 2013March 16th, 2022No Comments


Jane Campbell
Jane Campbell

It doesn’t matter how many time I explain to my prospective clients that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by working with Auditel. They still give me that mis-trusting look which says “what is the catch?”.

Well there isn’t one. Very simply in the current climate, many companies are stripping away layers of staff to reduce costs, however this often means experienced staff with years of knowledge of buying are the first to go. As a result you are left with fewer staff, often less experienced, making more buying decisions in less time. Is it no wonder, despite their best efforts the quality of their decisions at best may be good, but in reality often could be better.

I have never yet met a Managing Director, Finance Director or Business Owner, who has enough time to do their job to the standards they wish. So something has to give. Often they outsource to Accountants, Health and Safety and Insurance Brokers and even cleaning services to a janitorial company. However few ever consider outsourcing the buying of everyday operational costs, such as telecoms, energy and even stationery. Why is that?

Probably due to lack of awareness, or the fear of getting stung with high fees or the business grinding to a halt due to bad buying decisions. All are possible, however who is more likely to get it wrong, the less experienced member of staff or the expert who specialises in doing nothing else?

In the last couple of weeks, I have helped a business owner save around £15,000 pa on his energy, merchant cards and mobiles. In all 3 instances, the client has remained with the same supplier. He didn’t believe it was possible however at least he was open minded enough to realise, that it cost him nothing to try us out. In reality it has cost him around 3 hours of his time to meet with me to sign off tenders. He is so impressed he has recommended me to several other businesses.

So if you are nervous about trying something new, but keen to find out if your business too could benefit from better buying decisions, then get in touch. Our fee model is weighted in your favour. If we don’t find you any savings, then it costs you nothing, if we do, then we share the savings.

It’s a no risk model that works!