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High Energy Prices Puts UK Recovery at Risk!

By 12th February 2012February 15th, 2022No Comments



Posted by: Paul Foster

Energy costs are critical to our economic recovery, particularly in manufacturing. If we want to have an industry led private sector recovery and growth in our economy we need to wake up to our lack of international competitiveness.

The digest of UK Energy Statistics provides us with some very revealing comparisons. They compare our energy prices with the USA and Canada and every European country in great detail, but unfortunately not with our big industrial competitors in China, India and Brazil.

Our electricity prices are average in the EU, but double the level paid by US businesses. Our gas is cheap in the UK by EU standards, but the industrial charge of 1.7 KW hour is still 40% higher than the US charge of 1.2. If we had access to the Chinese figures, they would also reveal how uncompetitive we are in this area.

The UK has a great advantage in the energy field. We have large resources of shale gas available, some untapped conventional gas and oil resources, and the possibility of more hydro and nuclear. The UK government needs to accelerate its programme for new energy sources but in the meantime we need to get prices back into a competitive range.

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