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Helping Schools and Academies cut costs

By 14th December 2016April 27th, 2022No Comments

As the BBC reported today, schools are facing 8% budget cuts and about 60% of secondary schools already have deficits*. By 2019-20 it is reported that State schools in England will have to find £3bn in savings.

The news article largely focusses on The Department for Education’s launch of a new funding formula, which proposes to reallocate schools funding, to help schools in areas of the UK which historically have been underfunded. So some schools will gain (around 10,000) and some will lose (a similar number).

As schools try to focus more spend on areas which directly benefit it’s pupils, there is always more and more pressure being put on schools to cut their overhead costs. This is where Auditel can directly help….

Auditel works with Schools and Colleges to help save money on their overhead spend areas. We recently helped Multi-Academy Trust CSET to, among other spend areas, procure a new catering contract. This was a large project covering all seven CSET schools, and by Auditel undertaking a full review and tender, CSET now has a solution which will significantly improve the quality and delivery of the food at all schools and will save the Trust £70k per year for the next 3 years.

Our clients often find reviewing overhead cost areas an arduous process that they know little about and have little time to do. Auditel’s expertise and knowledge in these areas will save a school or college time and money. So whether a school is looking to review cleaning or catering contracts, re-look at their stationery and paper purchasing, or secure new electricity & gas contracts, Auditel may well be able to help. We constantly strive to keep overhead costs down for our clients. That’s what we do.

*funding analysis from the National Audit Office (NAO).