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Have you registered your Carbon Reduction Commitment yet?

By 10th August 2010February 15th, 2022No Comments

Don’t forget that if your organisation has any half-hourly electricity meters that were in use in 2008 the deadline for registering under the new CRC scheme is 30th September 2010. Failure to do so will lead to a £500 fine per unregistered meter. If this applies to you, you might think this means you have over a month to get your paperwork completed, however, the scheme’s administrators have indicated that they will be checking the identities of all applicants before registering them under the scheme and that this will add at least two weeks to the application procedure.

In order to register for the scheme, you will need to provide information about your organisation’s group structure as of 31st December 2008 and this will need to be verified through the use of the Companies Act tests. Information on all mandatory and voluntary half hour meters during 2008 will also need to be submitted to the scheme administrators, together with information about your total electricity supply.

Essentially, all this means that your application will need to be submitted before the end of August to stand any chance of meeting the 30th September deadline and avoid late application fines.

You can get more information about the scheme and the application procedure from the Department of Energy & Climate Change’s website, or contact your local Auditel Consultant who will be able to complete and submit all the necessary paperwork on your behalf as part of their overall cost and purchase management consultancy service.