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Guaranteed To Reduce Your Restaurant, Pub Or Fast Food Outlet’s Energy Price Inflation

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Posted by: Paul Foster

Did you know that restaurants, fast food outlets and pubs use more energy per square foot than any other commercial building?

How much money are you wasting on buying and using energy?

Did you know that it doesn’t matter if you have one restaurant, fast food outlet or pub or one thousand and one. You don’t have any additional buying power unless you buy a large amount of energy for multiple sites from a single utility in the right way.

Because if it’s not done in the right way, there may be no price advantage for large energy buys. Even if multiple sites can aggregate  their buy from a single supplier, they may get better rates by going it alone. For example one site may be within a different business unit of the parent company and not be able to secure the same credit terms as the other sites.

Many factors drive contract pricing and all too often, procurement professionals too quickly assume that aggregating volume is the most effective tool in the shed and there are many other factors than can drastically impact pricing.

Complex areas such as energy procurement and management should be outsourced to specialists.

Managing energy costs needs concerted effort; you have to treat it as a full time job to do the best you can.  If you make it a part time job, you won’t do it as well.

Can you really afford to take a part time approach to such a significant overhead cost?

Outsourcing to a specialist who can keep your costs and energy use under control over a long period of time makes complete business and financial sense, particularly when our service pays for itself!

We take our fee out of your savings and not until these savings are safely in your bank account.

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