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How to Get a Suitable Business Mobile Contract

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Paul Strachan
Paul Strachan

How to Get a Suitable Business Mobile Contract

There are many outlays and overheads that a business pays, some of which are variable and expensive. Mobile phone contracts are notoriously difficult for a business to negotiate. What makes it harder is the sheer number of contracts available too.

Estimating Use

Estimating use is the basis on which most businesses opt for business mobile phone contracts. But herein lays a problem; most overestimate use of the mobile package for their staff thus spending more than they need to.

The flip side is that when use is underestimated, regularly surpassing usage boundaries of the contract, a business can be hit with significant charges.

Savvy Business Deals

With OFCOM continually monitoring the situation, it could be that very soon, how business mobile tariffs are offered could change and improve significantly.

In the meantime, understanding how mobile phone companies sell business contracts could save you money:

  • Their best deals with cheaper tariffs are often hidden – like all businesses, mobile phone companies lure businesses with promises of great packages for great rates but often, these re upsold packages (i.e. you don’t need all the ‘bells and whistles’). Their simpler, cheaper tariffs will often be hidden so ask!
  • Flexibility within the contract – don’t be frightened to ask the tough questions to get the best deal. For example, can contracts be changed mid-term so that more or less use (and savings) can be incorporated?

Communication is Key

And not having the right business mobile contract can lead to stunted growth, in the shape of huge bills or poor connectivity and use.

If you’re ready to take the next step in exploring the potential for your business? Then contact me and we can talk.

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