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Genuine Dining is one of London’s largest independent foodservice caterers. Since 2012, Genuine Dining has focused on improving workplace environments through coffee, food, and drink experiences.

Renowned for quality, social responsibility, and sustainability, they aim to deliver exceptional culinary experiences while operating responsibly.

The Vision for Net Zero:

Genuine Dining have set out a comprehensive roadmap to reach Net Zero. This commitment is central to their business strategy and reflects their dedication to operate in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner. By integrating carbon management and sustainability into every aspect of their operations, Genuine Dining aims to positively impact the planet while delivering exceptional experiences and services to their clients.

Auditel’s expertise in carbon management and carbon reduction and their approach to measuring and  reducing carbon emissions, will provide Genuine Dining with the insights and strategies needed to make substantial progress to reduce their carbon footprint.

For Genuine Dining, reducing their carbon footprint is a priority that extends beyond compliance. It is about safeguarding the future of their employees, clients, customers, and suppliers. By actively managing their carbon emissions, they are contributing to a healthier planet and setting a positive example for the industry.

Genuine Dining’s journey towards carbon reduction began a long time ago. They have completed several initiatives to reduce emissions, such as a 100% electric fleet of vehicles, vans, and cargo bikes, implementing energy-efficient technologies within their kitchens, and optimising their supply chain to minimise food and material waste. These efforts have laid a strong foundation for the more ambitious targets that they are now setting with Auditel’s guidance.

Mark Wetherall, Commercial Director at Genuine Dining comments, “We are aware of the impact we have on our communities, our people, our planet, and our partners. In partnership with Auditel and by launching a comprehensive road map to Net Zero, we are confident we can make a real difference for the environment and our business.”

Auditels carbon specialist Nicky Sinker comments, “Genuine Dining stands out from competitors not only for the quality of the food they provide, but for their fantastic team. A team who work together to constantly learn, innovate and improve the communities they work in. They focus on creating a culture that promotes their shared values, giving clients a sustainable approach to foodservice.

As responsible business has very much been at the core of how Genuine Dining operates, they have for some time made conscious choices to reduce their carbon footprint, for example switching to electric vehicles, implementing a bike to work scheme and buying the best British food through working with independent suppliers for the best, local and seasonal ingredients. As they continue to recognise their impact and do their best to reduce it Genuine Dining have entered into a Carbon Partnership with Auditel to build upon the work they have done to date.”