Merchant Services

Founded in 2005 by CEO Richard Bradley acceptcards® provides all UK businesses with access to the best terms and solutions from all major UK merchant services providers.

Auditel have had a long-standing relationship with acceptcards® since 2007 making them a trusted partner. Their approach has always been simple.

They listen to what our client wants and then recommend what’s best for them, which could even be staying with their existing provider and reviewing annually.

Below are some examples of the savings they have already made for other members and some of the benefits acceptcards® have already brought to the GDK network.

Benefits to GDK Partners:

  • Average savings between 18-30%
  • Independent impartial payment advice
  • Named account manager
  • Seamless Transitions with no downtime
  • Can solve pain points such as ‘Cardholder Not Present’ fees & other hidden charges
  • Peace of Mind for all GDK members

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