Energy Reduction

Emissis deliver a suite of proven energy reduction technology which include their globally patented, award winning Coolnomix energy saving solution and their EMC range of voltage optimisation equipment. In a world increasingly dominated by rising energy prices and climate change issues Emissis are proud to be working alongside many leading UK businesses supporting them on their journey towards net zero saving them millions in energy overspend and waste in the process.

Electricity Consumption Reduction

Voltage optimisation is a well-established proven energy saving solution that typically reduces electricity consumption by anywhere between 6% and 12% per annum. Reducing incoming voltage from a UK average of 243v to a design voltage of 220v reduces electricity overspend and consumption without affecting the performance or output of any electrical equipment and appliances.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Energy Reduction

Coolnomix is an innovative retrofit energy reduction device that targets air conditioning and refrigeration equipment reducing their energy consumption by anywhere between 20% and 40% per annum.

Benefits to GDK Partners

  • Access to award winning, globally patented, innovative proven energy reduction suite of products & solutions
  • Reduced Electricity consumption savings of between 6% and 12% per year
  • Guaranteed Refrigeration energy savings of between 15% and 25% per year
  • Guaranteed Air conditioning energy savings of between 20% and 40% per year
  • Free Power & Site surveys from accredited engineering team.
  • Competitive ROI & Payback guarantees.

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