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Franking machine rip off

By 22nd March 2012July 26th, 2022No Comments


Posted by: Tim Halfhead

A client asked me last week if there was anything that i could do to get them out of a 6 year contract with one of the big franking machine companies.

My investigation has shown that they were “sold” a machine that has twice the capacity (and is therefore twice as expensive) as they need and that the total cost of the lease covers the original purchase price of the machine about 12 times over. So, they could have bought 2 new machines outright every year for six years for the same money. Why do people sign these things? Apart from the possibility of trying to get the contract terminated on the grounds of misselling (these companies are extremely litigious) I know of at least one company that offers franking machines on lease purchase over three years at lower rates than the big boys.

In other words not only do you pay less per quarter for a sophisticated machine but you also get to own it after 3 years.

All part of the service. Off to audit a cleaning job next, so that we can write a proper specification and put it out to tender.