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A procurement team that some businesses have considered excessive, out of reach, and expensive. 

Think about a premier league football team making an appearance in a lower league, it doesn’t seem feasible or “right”, but it’s possible isn’t it? It happens in the FA Cup. We see the odd upset, but by and large the advanced team will get the result. The last few years we have been supporting large companies (often FTSE listed), providing extra support and bandwidth to existing procurement functions, and across thousands of spend categories. The results have been significant, we have saved millions of pounds, even in cases whereby existing procurement departments were 30 people deep. We don’t replicate work performed internally, we don’t compete with the existing procurement department, we compliment it.

  • We have a unique angle in that we have visibility of what our wider 3000 clients are paying.
  • We don’t share this information because it is confidential, but it has many advantages as we can pre-qualify spend areas very quickly.
  • Due to the work with our 3000 clients, we have significant supplier relationships and in some cases influence.
  • We are not brokers, we don’t take commissions, we are independent, so we can work with your client incumbent suppliers to secure better terms.
  • Cost savings and profit release are key objectives, but equally we are conscious about working capital improvement, contingency suppliers, risk management, carbon footprint, and ultimately robust procurement processes.
  • We are hands on and require very little input from our clients until we get to the implementation stage, and even then we would start with a pilot initially

We would like to trial our service on medium sized businesses, which was the core sector for Auditel in our early years from 1994 when we were formed.

We are seeking businesses where there is genuine scope for our work to have a transformation effect on their bottom line profitability. This could be high growth, highly acquisitive, or companies that have seen their profits squeezed or pressured by supply chain challenges or reduced market demand. We are not adverse to a turnaround environment, but poor credit makes supplier negotiations very difficult and can sometimes result in deposits being required to achieve optimum results.

Our offer is to trial Auditel for a 3 month procurement plan, with the supplier spends at your discretion. We will design a self-funding and bespoke fee mechanism that means we are only paid if we physically deliver profits to your business. We will even put fee-caps in place in the event that our results exceeds your expectations.

If the 3 month trial is a success, we can think about another 3 months extension. If it isn’t a success, then you have lost nothing.

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