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Five common mistakes that cost you money on Telecoms

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Gillian Gibbon

Due to the sheer complexity of telecommunication service agreements, you could easily be paying too much for your company fixed line telecoms.

Although every business is unique, there are key areas where many businesses could save.

I have listed the most common ones here:

1. Agreeing to a contract that’s longer than 12 months.

Ideally you should avoid locking in to any contract that’s longer than 12 months and make it a priority to renegotiate annually.

2. Not requesting an itemised bill in Excel format.

Where possible request your bill in Excel rather than PDF format so you can check that every call is being charged at the correct contracted rate.

3. Allowing premium phone calls.

If you can see that your teams are using 0870 numbers then it’s worth encouraging them to look for the cheaper, alternative number. Websites such as list alternative, local numbers.

4. Not managing individual usage.

You should have a monthly checking procedures in place that highlights usage exceptions, high volumes to single destinations and excessive individual calls.

5. Taking quoted savings from suppliers at face value.

When considering a new contract term or a new supplier, many suppliers will submit a proposal as to how their new offer will save you money, offering to save you the hassle of calculating the potential savings. Unfortunately these can be wildly inaccurate. The only way to assess offers is to conduct a savings analysis yourself or get an independent third party to review offers.

Employing professional expertise in this market can pay back many times over.

Clients I work with include a housing group where fixed line telecommunications savings are over £60,000, a multi- site charity where fixed line savings are 65%, and an education provider where savings are 52%.

If you would like to take a look at where your organisation may be needlessly wasting cash on fixed line telecommunications, contact me to determine exactly where you can start saving money today.