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Fundamental to our business success is the desire to ensure that we provide the very best service to our clients to allow them to make informed and educated decisions on their essential services spend.

We take great care to develop relationships with our clients based on trust and openness and by fully understanding their businesses we can ensures that the opportunities we identify will provide a long term sustainable solution.

For us both nothing beats the feeling of seeing our clients move forward new ideas and growth areas as a result of resources our involvement has released for them.

Laurence & Ruth are always looking for opportunities to work with organisations that wish to commit to a diligent management of costs whilst being able to free up internal resource.

You can view more information about our team, our case studies, and what our delighted clients have to say below.

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The Team

Laurence Fitch

Prior to starting the business Laurence had spent several years managing a family business importing and distributing ceramic wall and floor tiles. This has given Laurence first hand experience of the benefits to be gained from effective cost management in lowering the total cost of purchase. In addition 7 years as a Project Manager in Retail Marketing and 14 in the RAF has given Laurence extensive experience of managing projects within challenging schedules and budgets.

Laurence understands the key issues faced by business owners and particularly enjoys seeing the benefits clients have gained from working with Auditel and how they have used these benefits to further develop their businesses.

Ruth Dawe

Before starting her Auditel business with Laurence in 2008, Ruth had spent 11 years working as a Chartered Tax Advisor for a large international investment bank in a number of key management roles in Tax. These roles have given Ruth a broad range of commercial experience with the ability to both understand true cost base and identify and deliver value.

Ruth’s passionate about customer satisfaction and one of the most enjoyable aspects of her role within Auditel is the wide variety of people she gets to meet and seeing firsthand the work they do. Ruth has the ability to understand an organisations strategic, operational needs and desires, developing and implementing practical and sustainable solutions.

Away from Auditel, Ruth is a keen runner and is currently training for her first marathon in September. Thankfully her other passion is cooking which ensures that she has plenty of choice of carbs to sustain her running exploits.

Ravi Khakhria

Ravi, a qualified Chartered Accountant, has advised and supported numerous PLC, SME and Owner managed businesses on developing their business. His skills are further enhanced by a strong analytical ability.

He has delivered significant cost savings, across many cost areas, to a diverse range of business sectors including Leisure & Recreation, Catering, Legal & Professional, Care Homes, Manufacturing and Retail.

Martin Wallis

Martin’s experience in cost management consultancy was built after 15 years as a brand manager responsible for planning and supply chain management for leading retailers such as BHS and Asda.

Now at Auditel, he brings particular experience from the retail and distribution sectors, complemented by the knowledge gained from working with an extensive portfolio of clients in education and social housing.

Jane Campbell

Prior to joining Auditel, Jane worked in the banking sector for 15 years. She then progressed to become an award winning Financial Director for a telecommunications company. This background has given her first hand insight into the pressures which senior management and staff face in driving down costs, whilst at the same time ensuring that quality and standards are maintained. Jane also has extensive knowledge in the Transport Sector.

Jane works closely with our clients to develop long standing working relationships, which result in creative strategies to improve efficiencies and reduce financial waste.


Dear Ruth,

Thank you for your recent help in arranging our new green energy gas and electricity contracts. As you know, it has been a goal for The Old Vic to be able to fully source our electricity and gas supplies from 100% green sources and we would not have been able to achieve this without the advice and help Laurence and yourself have provided. Your assistance in identifying suppliers, explaining cost implications and managing the transition between suppliers has made the whole process very easy for me.

Our relationship with Auditel continues to deliver benefits for us, not just for energy but also through the savings you achieved for The Old Vic in our merchant card, stationery and communications spend. These savings Auditel have achieved can help directly with our on-going programme of investment within the theatre to further enhance our customers' experience.

I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future and would not hesitate to recommend your services to other organisations who are looking to reduce the cost of their essential services.

The Old Vic TheatreBen Lee, FD

Dear Ruth,

Following our recent meetings, I would like to pass my personal thanks on to Laurence and yourself for the work you have completed on behalf of The University Women’s Club. The reviews you have conducted for our electricity, gas, stationery and janitorial spends has delivered direct financial savings to the club, funds which we have been able to use to further enhance our members experience. The reviews have also freed up my time allowing me, as CEO, to concentrate my efforts on running the club and not managing utilities suppliers.

Given the uncertain times we live in, the stability in pricing that Auditel has delivered for the club gives me great peace of mind in budgeting for the future and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to other organisations. I look forward to continuing to work with you.

The University Women’s ClubRod Craig, CEO

Dear Laurence,

Thank you for taking the time to meet last week to update me on the progress of the reviews we have underway with Auditel. The quarterly reviews you offer have been very valuable in helping me understand where we are with our utilities spend and I take confidence in the work you are doing and the savings you are achieving for the IFA.

I was very interested in the updated communications review completed by Ruth as it has offered us many different opportunities to continue to save money at the end of our current leaser, which I had not anticipated. The industry knowledge Auditel has in this area is excellent and has led to these opportunities being identified for solutions we previously could not have considered without your assistance.

I hope that we will be able to increase awareness of Auditel amongst our members as I believe your service could be very beneficial to them as well as clients in the future.

I have enjoyed working with Auditel over the last 3 years, find you a very easy organisation to deal with and look forward to continuing to work with you both.

Institute of Financial AccountantsJohn Edwards, Chief Operating Officer

Dear Ruth,

As you will be aware the initial 2 year contract Auditel negotiated with our current mobile communications supplier is due to end in May this year. As we approach the end of this initial contract it made me reflect and realise how successful the project has been for Frasers Hospitality. Your experience and knowledge has enabled us to save a considerable amount of money, as I can verify through your monthly report, and implemented improved measures to reflect the extensive overseas travel a lot of our staff do, reducing roaming costs further.

However, for me the real unexpected bonus has been how easy the project has been and how much of my time it has saved whilst giving me peace of mind. Prior to implementing I was nervous that we may experience a fall in our service levels when changing supply, especially giving the savings forecast, but am pleased that the opposite is true. When our situations have changed both the mobile provider and yourselves have adopted a very proactive 'can do' approach and quickly identified solutions to meet our new requirements, e.g. our roaming packages. Your management of the switch to a new provider and their ongoing service has been exemplary and i would have no hesitation in recommending Auditel to other organisations looking to reduce their overheads.

Thanks again for your continuing assistance and I look forward to meeting with you shortly to discuss the next stage of this project.

Frasers HospitalityPhillip Turner, I.T Manager

Dear Ruth,

Thank you so much for all your recent help reviewing the club's fixed communications providers. I know that this category was smaller than many you look at but felt that this did not stop you from carrying out what was a full and comprehensive analysis of our spend from which you identified some excellent cost savings opportunities. At the City University Club we could never have ad the resource or industry knowledge to understand our profiled spend, as you did, and the fact you fully managed the implementation of our choice of supplier made no demand on our time.

Having completed this review with you I would have no hesitation in recommending Auditel to other clubs and similar organisations. I look forward to working with you on other areas of our essential services spend soon.

City University ClubRobina Graham, Secretary

Dear Ruth,

I am writing to thank you for the excellent service you have recently provided Barnet Marine when reviewing our electricity and business consumables expenditure.

I have been particularly impressed with the level of detail you have gone to when reviewing these categories and I know that without your involvement we would not have identified the ongoing overcharges for our electricity supply. The savings achieved have been far above what I expected with no compromise on service and I look forward to working on other categories with you in the future.

It has been a pleasure to work with Auditel on this review and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to others.

Barnet Marine Centre LtdLaurence Lock

Dear Ruth,

Following our recent review meeting I wanted to write and express my thanks to Laurence and yourself for the support you are providing both The Gainsborough and The Gallery hotels in managing our electricity and gas supplies.

Your initial reviews in September 2009 identified and achieved savings in excess of anything we could have achieved in-house. However, what has impressed me as much is the way you have both ensured that having achieved good value for our supplies we continue to achieve value moving forward. The regular quarterly update meetings we have together has given me the confidence in knowing our supplies are being well managed and your recent help in correcting a supplier billing issue was greatly appreciated.

As you know we have some exciting times around the corner as we look to refurbish our hotels and I look forward to working with you and using your expertise as we seek the correct energy contracts for our 'new' hotels.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Auditel to any similar organisation looking to reduce
their costs.

Elegant English HotelsS.R. Ambrose, General Manager

Dear Ruth,

I wanted to write to you and tell you ow pleased I am wit the recent project you have managed, reviewing options for our fixed line communications. As you will know this is something we have tried to look at internally, but without the access to the industry knowledge and supplier relationships that Auditel have we were in danger of investing a lot of resource on a project, without any guarantee of success. Your involvement has saved us considerable time and given us a truly independent and transparent view and process.

I have been pleasantly surprised with the speed in which you have been able to implement the options identified in your report. Your continued focus on enabling a proper and smooth supplier transition ensured this change has not impacted on my staffs time . This project has not only improved the overall effectiveness of our fixed communications but also reduced costs for Loreto College. Additionally, the new supplier recommended by you, have ensured that the transition to them and ongoing management has been trouble free.

This is the first project I have worked with you on and greatly value the service you have provided. I look forward to extending our relationship into other categories in the near future.

Loreto CollegeM Lynch, Headteacher

Thank you for implementing the recommendations for Bedfordshire & Luton Chamber of Commerce following the recent Auditel cost review. I have been very impressed with the way Ruth and you have handled this review and the expertise and depth of knowledge you have added to it. The savings being achieved from this review are above the level I would have expected and I believe that we would not have achieved these results without your detailed analysis.

One unexpected bonus of this review has been the amount of time you have freed up for both my staff and I, allowing us to concentrate on our core activities, rather than utilities suppliers. With many of our members seeking more of our advice in the current tough economic climate we have been able to put this extra time to valuable use.

As discussed I believe that the Auditel ‘Free Business Health Check’ would be a valuable benefit to all of our members and I would be very pleased to promote Auditel as a member benefit to them.

The Bedforshire & Luton Chamber of CommerceJustin Richardson, Head of Finance

Dear Laurence,

I wanted to drop you a short note to say how pleased I am with the results of the recent cost reviews Auditel have conducted on behalf of London Wasps.

The savings identified for our business consumables category exceeded my expectations and the move to our new supplier has been trouble free. Additionally, I believe that without Auditel’s involvement we would not have uncovered the overcharges for our water supply as quite simply we do not have the expertise in house to identify this. The rebate you have identified and obtained from Thames Water is very welcome!

I look forward to our continued relationship working on similar projects with you in the future.

London WaspsPeter Wear, Financial Director

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