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F1 check out as Hotel Group Counts Cost of Speed Restrictions

By 24th April 2012February 15th, 2022No Comments



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Rhys Brennan

This week we see the importance of getting the little things right. Last weekend The Feathers Hotel Group, based in the North West of England counted the cost of a poor internet connection, when an unnamed Formula 1 team checked out of their hotel and into a rival property just a few doors away.

This came at a cost of £3500 to the hotel group, and further more, left them with an empty hotel for the weekend. Long-term it is unlikely that the team will ever stay at the hotel again, and consequently an avoidable fault has cost the group a prestigious customer. James Pink of telecommunications experts Pink Connect had this to say: “In today’s digital age, people need to be able to access information quickly so it’s more important than ever to ensure a strong, fast internet connection for customers.”

With the ever-changing improvements in technology, customers expect excellence at all times. The problem stemmed from the hotel’s use of an ADSL connection, which are subject to a fair use policy or download limit. When these limits are reached, the hotel is then left with a slow service until the following month.

Had the hotel had a decent Wi-Fi system in place, this problem would have been avoided. However, according to hoteliers are finding it difficult to get reliable wireless coverage for the whole of their buildings at reasonable prices.

Fortunately, there is no reason why Wi-Fi should be prohibitively expensive. If you’re a hotelier or any business in a similar situation to the Feathers Hotel Group, come and visit Auditel for a free consultation to see if we can get the right connection for you at the right price.