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Extra Stationery Discounts for Charities not always of value

By 16th February 2012July 26th, 2022No Comments


Posted by: Laurence Fitch

We were recently delighted to be asked to review the stationery expenditure for a large UK based charity.  With over 35 sites and an annual spend of over £170k on stationery this certainly was an interesting and challenging project.  Our team entered over 3,000 individual line orders into our software for us to analyse the charities spend.

We have often said that the “devil is in the detail” and this project certainly showed that.  When we reviewed the overall spending patterns we were surprised to see that despite the client previously negotiating a special “Charities rate” for some sites, the discount level applied by the supplier for these was less than that given to other sites in the group which were not flagged up as charitable status. Effectively meaning they could buy cheaper if they did not ask for extra Charities discount !

This only came to light as our specialist software allowed us to review prices and tariffs between sites.  Thankfully, having identified the issues we were able to move the charity to a new supplier, with a fixed core list, offering savings of 30% compared to their previous supplier.

If you have any concerns about the value you are currently receiving from your stationery supply we would be delighted to discuss ways with you in which may be able to reduce your total cost of purchase.