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Diary of an ESOS Lead Assessor

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Posted by: Nigel Collins

Of the 10,000 organisations captured by the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), 40% were still non-compliant by the 29th January extended deadline, according to this article

The last few months have been a very busy time for me as a Lead Assessor including undertaking energy audits of buildings, (some with industrial processes), and transport. I have received some surprisingly positive feedback from some clients. By profiling and presenting to them the facts that come from analysing their energy data, not only have I enabled them to put together a financial case for energy efficiency opportunities, they have gained a better understanding of how their organisation is run. For example:

  • ESOS requires life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) be included in the energy audit recommendations and in the case of one large mail delivery company, this identified a £2m saving over 6 years, with a partial transfer from using single to double deck trailers.
  • Energy profiling of ‘grey fleet’ mileage enabled one charity to identify potential HR ‘duty of care’ issues where the high mileage identified, suggested that an employee was having to cover an excessive work load.

Indications are that enforcement notices will soon be issued to organisations who have not yet complied. 29th April is likely to be the next milestone deadline for those who have still not complied and who then risk prosecution.

If you have not already appointed a Lead Assessor, you need to act now. ESOS is all about understanding your energy data and the opportunities that this presents. In my experience, data gathering can take a number of weeks and this can delay the completion of energy audits