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ESOS Deadline Looming

By 25th August 2015April 4th, 2019No Comments
<br /> Mike AndrewsPosted by:
Mike Andrews

If your business qualifies for ESOS (we say qualification, but depending on your outlook this may read ‘is captured by’) you are required to have filed an accredited report by no later than 5th December 2015 (a Saturday of all days).

Those businesses who are required to submit a report by this time but do not do so can face a fine in the region of £5,000 in addition to £500 per day for any subsequent days beyond the cut-off date. So now, with just under four-months remaining, if you have not already checked your eligibility, or appointed an accredited assessor it is imperative you do so.

It’s not too late to appoint a lead-assessor but bear in mind that many are extremely busy and trusted advisors are hard to come by!

ESOS is a hot topic where I&C energy (fleet fuel included!) is concerned. There have been reports of many agencies (rogue or otherwise) looking to gain entry to or extract fees by unscrupulous means from businesses who have no eligibility where the scheme is concerned. As such we recommend that you assess your own eligibility before appointing a body who may be calling out of the blue. The DECC release from sections 1 onwards outlines who is captured. If you have any doubts then drop us an email and we’ll see if we can help.

Once your report is completed it will offer you and your team a wealth of information which if acted on can help you become a sleeker consumer of energy – something which always puts money back on the bottom line.