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Energy Efficient Lighting – Savings from 50% to more than 90%

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Gillian Gibbon

“Worst case” savings are 50% of energy costs in office environments. In hotel, restaurant or retail locations where there is tungsten and halogen lighting, savings can be more than 90 % (yes, 90%!).

A large percentage of many of our clients’ electricity bills is from lighting, which is on at least 10 hours each day in most commercial environments.

In the last 4 months we have carried out Lighting Audits at 5 of my clients, ranging from two housing associations where the lighting is only in their offices, to two manufacturers where they have a large range of specialist environments, to a private hospital where lights are on 24/7, 365 days of the year.

We walk their sites and complete a full audit of all the light fittings, including taking light readings to assess quality. We then prepare a Report detailing the potential annual savings in electricity usage by installing more energy efficient lighting in each area of the premises, and taking into account the cost of replacement lighting and installation. From this analysis we can give the client the Payback Period for new lighting installed in each part of the building.

As Payback starts from less than 6 months, our clients have chosen to install more energy efficient lighting in those areas with fast paybacks and / or where better quality lighting is required in an environment.

This also helps our clients with Green Credentials and Sustainability Targets which are high on many agendas this year.

My team is aiming to provide a Lighting Audit to 5 clients each quarter as we see such opportunity to get fast results.