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Energy Efficiency

By 21st January 2014April 4th, 2019No Comments

BP forecast last week a slow-down in energy demand for advanced economies in North America and Europe. Fuel efficiency in developed economies was cited as the reason for the predicted slow-down.

BP’s chief economist, Christof Ruhl, said ”Put simply, people are finding ways to use energy more efficiently because it saves them money.”

So we should all congratulate ourselves shouldn’t we? We’re all more conscious of what we are using, we’re turning lights off more, taking electronic products off stand-by perhaps, all the things we’ve been told over the years to do is in the main getting done. And perhaps some of us are self-generating (solar panels, heat pumps, wind turbines etc) thus reducing our need to ‘buy’ energy. Whatever we’re doing it’s good news, as not only are we saving money, but it’s good for the environment – the less energy we use the less carbon we emit.

This comes at a time when there is so much controversy around how the World’s nations will produce energy in the future – Nuclear scares most people; Oil/Gas stations aren’t popular as they are considered ugly; Coal power stations pollute the environment; There’s criticism from environmentalists over the extraction of Shale Gas (fracking); Tidal and hydro power are thought to destroy wildlife …. the list goes on and on. There seem to be so many opinions on energy production and no-one knows which way politicians will go next. So the aim to reduce the UK’s dependency on imported energy seems a long way off, and certainly not one that you and I can solve today.

One thing is for sure though – energy efficiency IS being taken seriously and will have a direct effect on slowing future demand. So maybe we should give ourselves a quick pat on the back for what we’ve achieved so far, and then look to see what else we can do to be even more energy efficient.

Oh and by the way, if you need any advice on how your business can be more energy efficient, give us a call.

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