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Energy Deal – Good news for homeowners but no help for the business market

By 11th April 2012February 15th, 2022No Comments



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Laurence Fitch

Interesting to see Nick Clegg on Breakfast TV announcing the new Government initiative requiring energy companies to tell consumers the best deal they have available. Apparently this has been introduced because of the bewildering number of products the big 6 energy companies currently have available which makes it difficult for households to select the best option for them.
Although this may be true I believe the decisions householders face are nothing compared to the complexity of business tariffs. As a business owner to ensure you are achieving best value you need to be sure that your meter is the correct profile for your business, available capacity is at the appropriate level for your demand, termination notices have been logged allowing you to change supplier and negotiate freely, VAT/CCL is charged at the correct level – the list goes on and you have not yet even started to consider looking at rates or length of contract !

It’s not surprising that when I ask my clients about the key benefits of asking Auditel to manage their energy contracts ‘time saving’ ranks just as highly as ‘financial savings’. If you are interested in finding out more about how Auditel are helping clients reduce their energy costs please contact me ( or 01727 865501) to discuss further.