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Energy Cost Reduction Guaranteed

By 3rd December 2014July 26th, 2022No Comments


Posted by: Paul Foster

Check your bills carefully.

We uncover billing errors every month for our clients, so do not assume they are correct. If you’ve never spotted a billing error you’re probably not looking hard enough!

Make sure you are not being charged default out of contract prices.

This can happen where a contract has expired or no contract has ever been negotiated. Default prices are extremely high and you should immediately move to a fixed term contract either with your existing or an alternative supplier.

Record meter readings yourself every month

Make sure that you’re not invoiced on estimated readings for any extended period.

Always give notice of termination approaching the end of your current energy contract

Even if you intend to staying with the same supplier. Otherwise you may have no choice but to stay with your existing supplier at the prices they dictate. Notice periods can be up to 120 days, so check the termination procedure carefully and make a note of both the contract end date and the notice period required.

Never accept the first renewal price

If staying with your current supplier, never accept their first renewal price. Challenge their pricing and ask for a better deal. If you’ve given notice of termination you will get offered much better prices to keep your business.

Shop around for alternative energy prices

There are around a dozen prime energy suppliers to choose from, so make the most of the competition. Shop around for alternative energy prices on contract renewal.

Give your existing supplier a chance to price-match your best alternative offer

It’s easier than switching and removes any risk of a delayed transfer.

When a new contract begins:

Check the transfer actually takes place and new prices are implemented correctly and put the next contract end date and termination notice period in your diary. Remember this is not a one-off exercise!

If you don’t have the time or inclination to follow these valuable tips thoroughly on an ongoing basis, outsource to professionals with buying power and the tools to manage these overheads, and many more, Contact us to find out about our self-funding services can work for you.