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Are you displaying your Energy Certificate Regulations?

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Posted by: Paul Foster

The fine for not displaying an EPC or a DEC is now £1,000 per outlet

  • 10 restaurants = £10,000
  • 300 restaurants = £300,000
  • 700 restaurants = £700,000

The floor area threshold for public buildings requiring Display Energy Certificates drops from January 2013. However they are current for longer, 10years is the new lifespan.

Currently, only public buildings with a floor area of 1,000 sq m or above need a DEC, but from 9th January, 2013 public buildings with a floor area greater than 500 sq m will be required to have a Display Energy Certificate in place. The threshold then falls to 250 sq m in 2015 with the changes resulting from recent revisions to the Energy Performance of Buildings directive

Recommended Approach:

Gas and electricity consumption data for a 12 month period is required to produce a DEC and whilst supplier invoices can be used, the potential inaccuracy from estimated read invoices can lead to inaccurate DEC ratings. Further problems arise when quarterly invoices – typical for smaller sites – are supplied as the 12 month consumption period may fall between invoice cycles, meaning further estimation of consumption for the required 12 months!

Sub-metering, recording and verification of metered consumption is the only true method by which accurate consumption data for individual buildings of an auditable quality can be obtained to ensure the accuracy of a DEC.

To have sufficient consumption data in place in time, organisational metering needs to be reviewed and sub meters installed.

Example: Smaller 500 sq m buildings that may have been left out of previous sub-metering retrofits on a cost:benefit basis however forthcoming changes to DECs provides impetus to assimilate buildings with a floor area of 500 sq m into metering plans.

If you require any advice or help in ensuring you meet these new regulations, please contact Paul Foster on 07964 623920 or email