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Energy and Water Performance

By 6th May 2012July 26th, 2022No Comments


Posted by: Paul Foster

Why energy efficiency?

Putting energy prices and the environment at the top of your agenda is a smart environmental and business practice. Reducing energy consumption will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and operating, manufacturing and consumption costs.

Action plan

1. Set a company energy policy – by making energy efficiency a part of operational procedures and a consideration in every business decision.

2. Perform an energy audit – to assess where energy efficiency can be improved.

3. Implement energy-efficiency recommendations.

4. Encourage employee participation and innovation – educate employees and introduce easy-to-follow energy-efficient practices.

5. Introduce financial incentives for employees to come up with energy-saving ideas.

6. Track energy costs both before and after energy improvements – information creates your next set of action plans.

7. Optimise energy in manufacturing processes and activities – improves competitiveness!

The bottom-line

According to insolvency firms one in three companies is “regularly” reaching their overhead limit, highlighting rising financial distress among businesses – energy cost efficiency is a necessity!